Team members: Elen

Team members: Elen

You’ve already seen the cool illustrations of our NETO team members here on…now here’s your chance to meet the talented person that created them!

Meet Elen – our uniquely blue-haired team member.

(P.S. we’ve heard some rumors at TUMO that our team is “a team of girls with colorful hair”… but we do have plenty of boys on the team too!)

To find out about the person behind the drawings, take a look at some of Elen’s work.  Elen has a unique style that is easily recognisable by colour pallete, flair and unique style.


As is the case with most of our team members, Elen is former TUMOian. Currently she is a student at Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts.

“I would like to wortumblr_oogxrjD0tL1vhb40ro1_1280k on a game design, which will become one of the best in the world (of course, we hope “Tales of Neto” will be). I hope to become a fabulous illustrator and leave a great heritage after myself and live for centuries through my works. I would also like to have some influence on Armenia, especially on our educational system” – says Elen.

We really hope that our team is a good start for Elen’s future achievements. We are very proud.

To see the rest of Elen’s work, check out her profile on